When you get cancer, a lot of things end a lot of doors close, but at the same time it can be that other things begin, other doors open. —Michael

Patients diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer are often given months or years to live. However, a few defy the statistical odds and live years beyond that. They are living longer with dying as their disease slowly slips into a chronic state. Longterminal is a documentary short featuring four patients living with incurable cancer as a chronic condition. They share how this disease has affected their lives and the hope they dare to have for the future.

This disease sucks, everything about this disease sucks. . . but life doesn’t have to be bad. Life doesn’t have to suck. —Jessica


A documentary short about four patients living with incurable cancer, how it has impacted their lives, and the hope they dare to have for the future.

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Kristin Royer is a full-time editor, part-time designer, would-be writer, and first-time filmmaker. She currently lives outside of Baltimore and is finishing her MFA from the University of Baltimore.

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